Statement on Coronavirus / COVID-19

COVID-19 has made us all have to re-think the way we work and go about our daily lives. The health and wellbeing of my clients is my highest priority and for that reason I wanted to explain what measures I am taking to keep my clients safe.

I am encouraging my existing clients to consider trying therapy online whilst we wait for the dust to pass. This is a service that I have been running for two years with just as much success as with those clients who see me in person. The client has the benefit of being in the comfort of their own home and we remove the need for travel. I use a video call platform that is GDPR compliant, it is very easy to use, you will just need a smart phone, a tablet, laptop or a desktop for it to work. Online therapy can work for children and adults, and whilst it can feel a little unusual at first, I find people do quickly adapt to it.

A woman engaged in an online therapy session

Online therapy is a service that is also open to new clients. Dealing with isolation, having the children at home, limiting contact with other people will all take its toll, for some more than others. If you feel like you may need some help with coping, managing stress, OCD or other anxiety disorders then maybe I can help. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

To help people to stay in the best headspace during this difficult time I am sharing one of my free guided mindfulness meditations that helps us to focus our minds and calm our breath. Please click here to listen now or here to download (10.6 MB).

Leanne Leanne Astalos

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