Solution Focused Family Sessions

These sessions are perfect for those families who need help to reclaim those special family relationships that have started to suffer as a result of any number of issues; divorce or separation, addictions, illness, bereavement, mental health difficulties, financial strain, imprisonment, managing challenging behaviour, managing a physical or a learning disability or any other situation that has made home life stressful.

What will be involved?

When working with a family I will see you as a group. We will first meet to discuss the presenting issue, this might need to be done with just adults, if appropriate, so you feel as though you can talk freely. I will help you to understand how I can help and what will be involved.

During our first session we will talk about what you would like to be different, this is not an opportunity to just talk about frustrations, but more to focus on what you would really like family life to be like. I will help you to all understand what is happening in your brain that can make each person think, feel and behave in the way they do and I will explain to you what will happen in each session.

Solution Focussed Family Sessions

Each session that will follow will start using Theraplay® principles, including activities that will help to make the sessions fun and work on rebuilding relationships in a playful way. We will then have a discussion on what has been good about the previous week. We will explore how you want things to be different in a positive way and what things you can do to help move in that direction. We will then use stories, metaphors and visualisation to gently relax everyone together. This can be a fun way of accepting positive suggestions and making creative changes.

Working in combination

Solution Focused family Sessions are also a valuable opportunity for parents or carers to support the work I do with their child who is involved in one-to-one sessions. In this situation the sessions would follow a schedule that incorporates members of the child’s family into the sessions with the child on a fortnightly basis. One week I will see the child on their own, the following week I will see the child with family members. This can help to break the cycle of negative thinking that family members can also find they get trapped in when having to manage the challenges their child presents with on a daily basis. It can help to reinforce the work I do with the child if family members also feel more positive, calmer, in control, confident and motivated.